Aynor considers adding amphitheater to center of town

AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - The town of Aynor is hoping to become a festival and music concert hotspot. In the town park, there's a pavilion where all the events are currently held, and now the town is considering building an amphitheater. Town leaders believe an expansion will make it a great place to host car shows, concerts, and festivals.

"This is growth," said Aynor Mayor Keb Johnson. "And we'll have more and more people to come in. Hopefully, we'll have more and more people that'll enjoy our park and what we have to offer."

They have already raised the roof of the town pavilion to add more space, and now they want to add a stage there, and also put an amphitheater directly beside it. The amphitheater will cost about $20,000, and they are trying to decide where the funds will come from. The Mayor said they will now apply for a Parks and Recreation Grant to cover the cost.

When Aynor has events, it draws in big crowds from all over the area. The annual Aynor Hoe Down last year brought in 25,000 people, and the first-ever July 4 celebration brought in thousands. Town officials think these additions to the Town Park will keep events happening on a regular basis, and draw more people in. Several million drive through Aynor on the way to beach every year,

Once there are more reasons to actually come into Aynor, then that brings more money to the local businesses, "and everybody benefits when that happens," said Sandra Page with the Aynor Chamber of Commerce. "So with anything that's done when it brings in people, that just gets spread around."

With PTR Industries up and running and the Aynor Inn back up, now seems to be the time to capitalize on the surge of growth that's happening in Aynor. Page and Johnson say there will be more changes to come as the town grows.

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