SC Bar fights back against RGA's attack ad

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - An ad attacking Democratic Sen. Vincent Sheheen's work as a defense attorney has prompted the South Carolina Bar Association to fight back against what it calls an unfair smear of the legal profession that should have no place in the governor's race.

The Bar launched a website counteracting a Republican Governors Association ad that condemns Sheheen as protecting criminals. It's an unprecedented move for a non-political organization to which every South Carolina attorney belongs.

Association President Alice Paylor said Wednesday campaigns should be about issues, not lawyer-bashing. She says the ad attacks people's constitutional right to legal representation.

RGA spokesman Jon Thompson said the ad is about Sheheen choosing to represent a sex offender and several men accused of abusing women.

Sheheen and Haley are in a rematch this November.

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