2nd man arrested charged for deadly armed robbery in Dillon

Treyon McLellan. Source: Dillon County Detention Center
Treyon McLellan. Source: Dillon County Detention Center
Jauan Johnson. Source: Dillon County Detention Center
Jauan Johnson. Source: Dillon County Detention Center

DILLON, SC (WMBF) - A second man has been arrested in connection with a convenience store robbery in Dillon on April 21 that left a clerk dead.

Jauan Johnson, 26, was arrested Friday and charged with armed robbery and murder in the death of Abdalmanam Albarri, officials confirmed. Johnson is currently being held at the Dillon County Detention Center.

Treyon McLellan, 29, of the Riverdale community, was charged with the murder and armed robbery of Albarri, officials confirmed. He was arrested at his residence on the afternoon of Thursday, April 24 and was taken to the Dillon County Detention Center.

Captain Arnette with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office says at this time, they do not anticipate any other arrests in this case.

Store clerk Abdalmanam (Sammy) Albarri, 29, was the victim of the robbery and fatal gunshot wound, according to the Dillon County Coroner.

Gayle Lane said she can't remember a murder happening in her community since she's lived in the area.

"Good people are here. I've lived in the area for the past twenty years and things have seemed pretty quiet here," said Lane.

That all changed on Monday Night.

The Dillon County Sheriff's Office said the two suspects approached Albarri when he was locking up the 20/20 convenience store for the night.

The men allegedly stole items from Albarri and shot him. Investigators have not yet said what was stolen.

People in the community said this crime hits hard, especially people like Olive Phillips. She knew Albarri, because she often shopped at 20/20.

"I'm appalled at this. I mean this is crazy; people are just going around killing people for nothing. I mean this man worked for what he had. Somebody just came around and killed him … that's horrible," said Philips.

"It's a pretty nice area, just a few individuals around here think they are tough, and watch too many action movies," said Alexander Ali, who lives in the area where the robbery took place.

Ali said Albarri was more than just a clerk at the convenient store. "He was a good friend of mine. He had to get up every morning; he had a family to feed," said Ali.

The people who work in stores along Highway 9, said they are glad their jobs have security features to put them at ease.

"We do have a lot of security here, and I feel very secure with my job," said Lane.

"I have my gun, and a bad attitude," said Ali.

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