Community designates site to remember Heather Elvis

The Elvis family
The Elvis family

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - As of April 17, Heather Elvis has been reported missing four months. An aggressive investigation was launched to find the 20-year-old, which landed a local couple behind bars, accused of kidnapping and murdering her.

She still has not been found, but the community is still remembering her, gathering in her honor.

Peachtree Landing is where investigators believe Heather Elvis was murdered, but community members visit the site to recreate the area as a place to gather, remember and celebrate her life.

A vigil was held Friday, and the community hopes to make the landing a place they can keep coming back to pay homage.

The transformation of the landing has helped the community celebrate the young girl's life. New gardens, posters and seating areas have been added to the atmosphere, all of which were donated.

The vigil started Friday afternoon with the Elvis family's pastor speaking, followed by a prayer led by a small child. Morgan, Heather's sister thanked everyone for their support and shared a lesson she learned from her older sister … that missing someone was your heart's way of saying 'I love you'.

While Heather's memory was at the heart of the vigil, organizers say the designated area is a place to shine light on all the missing persons cases in Horry County

Morgan Maney is an advocate for missing persons. "It's not just the responsibility of the authorities, it's the responsibility of the community, as a whole, to keep each other safe and support each other," she said.

Members of the community said they plan to hold a vigil on the 18th of every month, as a way for them to bring peace to this landing … but also because Heather Elvis - and dozens of others in our county - are still missing.

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