Few businesses take advantage of 'Myrtle Beach Shopping Days'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Driving through downtown Myrtle Beach, one would never know they were in the midst of a city-wide, 72-hour sidewalk sale, Myrtle Beach Shopping Week, because none of the businesses appear to be participating.

Even in The Market Common, few stores took advantage of the bi-yearly ordinance that allows them to draw in crowds by selling outside.

It's not until you ask the businesses why they aren't participating that it makes sense. The most common answer: 'I didn't know about it'.

"It's brand new," says city spokesman Mark Kruea. "It's going to take a little while for the word to get out to everybody. This was the first full year, and again, this is an already busy weekend where people have other things going on in their minds. So, next year they'll have an opportunity to really take advantage of shopping days."

The idea is that the business community will unite two weekends a year to create a tradition, and another reason for people to travel here. Some of the businesses that didn't know about Myrtle Beach Shopping Days said they plan to put items on the sidewalk later in the weekend.
The other Shopping Days weekend was right after Thanksgiving. The other reason many businesses said they aren't participating -  they're just too busy on Thanksgiving and Easter weekends to have a sidewalk sale.

"Maybe next year as they look at when to pick the shopping days, they will realize that maybe we will pick a weekend that isn't quite busy already," Kruea says, "so that we can start a new tradition, start a new shopping destination for Myrtle Beach."

Kruea says there is an opportunity to create that type of tradition, that people will flock to from all over the state and even surrounding states.

"This has the ability to grow into a regular event for the city of Myrtle Beach for the business community," Kruea adds. "They need to figure out how to work together a little bit to make that happen. But to pick two 72 periods when you can have special sales is a pretty good opportunity. So, hopefully the business community will figure that out."

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