Dozens protest Latta Police Chief's firing at town council meeting

LATTA, SC (WMBF) - Over 100 people showed up the Latta town council meeting Thursday evening, many to discuss and protest the firing of former Police Chief Crystal Moore.

People found that they were turned away at the door because only people from the city of Latta would be let in first. Once full, people that live in the county were to listen outside over an intercom.

After Mayor Bullard went public with the firing of the police chief, many felt he was going to address it in the meeting. When that was not the case, councilwoman Lutherine Williams confronted the mayor. The mayor asked the council to adjourn several times before it happened.

"That was kind of confusing because he had given all this information to the press and the media," Williams said. "There was nothing personal about it anymore, so we thought tonight we would be able to talk about that."

Former Police Chief Crystal Moore said she has been with the Latta Police since 1989. She said she has never been written up, and that she was shocked to see seven write-ups in one day. She says she did not want to sign off on the write-ups until she spoke with an attorney. That's when Mayor Bullard fired her, and she said she feels that it has something to do with her sexual orientation.

"I've always worked hard, I've always treated everyone fairly," Moore said. "I have those morals and values instilled in me, and it's sad that in this day and time that because of who I love I can't carry them on my insurance or we don't have the same equal rights as everybody else. "

Councilman Jarett Taylor further explained what was talked about in council. The second ordinance was passed to change the Government of Latta. He says right now they have a strong mayor-weak council government. He says the ordinance will give the people more of a voice by letting council members have more of a say in future decisions. The public will be able to vote on this June 24.

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