SLED helicopter conducts aerial search for missing persons

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A helicopter with the State Law Enforcement Division conducted an aerial search for Angie Pipkin and other missing people in the area Thursday.

The helicopter arrived in Darlington County around 9:30 a.m., and left shortly after with two SLED agents and one Horry County Police Department officer on board.

"Well, you get a much better vantage point with the helicopter. If they see something that's unusual they can go to a lower altitude and take a better look at it," said Sheriff Wayne Byrd of Darlington County.

Sheriff Byrd said that after the helicopter searches the Pee Dee River for signs of Angie Pipkin, it will head to Georgetown County to search other missing persons.

The helicopter will be searching along the banks and areas where the water has receded.

Six different agencies are planning to join together to conduct a large search of the Pee Dee River for Angie Pipkin on Saturday. The search will include boats and divers who will search using side scan sonar. Thursday's aerial search will aid the teams on Saturday by mapping out the area.

Pipkin, 32, has been missing since mid-January. In March, police charged 46-year-old Randy Robinson with murder in connection with her disappearance, alleging he struck and killed Pipkin, dismembered her body, and disposed of it in the Pee Dee River.

For complete details on the Angie Pipkin case and other missing persons cases in our area, visit our Missing Persons page here:

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