Socastee residents concerned about drag racing

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - After a crash Saturday night, neighbors in a local neighborhood decided it was time to go to the city council. James Millward lives on Pine Hollow Road and brought the neighborhood's concerns to the Horry County Council. He told them the crash was a result of drag racing, and this is not the first time it's happened.

Pine Hollow Road is a dead end with a low speed limit. Residents say their children play in the road and they thought it was a quiet neighborhood, but they say recent events have them changing their minds. It also has them scared to pull out of their driveways at times.

Neighbors say once the weather gets nicer, more dangerous activities start to take place there. The fear is that people are not just drinking and driving, but drinking and racing.

Millward tells his version of the story: "They were drag racing at ten o'clock - ended up going down to the corner, which is a 90 degree corner. One of the trucks ran the other truck off the road and he plowed into a pine tree."

Several neighbors came forward with their concerns. Another Neighbor, Barry Rogers, says this happens more than it should.

"They have outside parties and they drink and carry on down there, and then they get to racing up and down the road," Rogers said. "All of 'em are driving four-wheel drive trucks and monster trucks and loud noisy things, and they carry on crazy. "

While talking to the neighbors, Horry County Police pulled up to speak with the man that neighbors say owns the property where the parties are happening. Lt. Kegler did say they will be patrolling the area more after hearing the complaints from council. They will be in the neighborhood to make sure drag racing is a thing of the past.

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