Warmer weather expected to bring the mosquitos

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Once the temperatures start rising, the mosquito population is going to explode. The cold weather wasn't enough to kill the bugs off, and the wet weather is exactly what they need to thrive.

The cold temperatures have held the bug population back so far, but as soon as the weather turns around, we will see an up rise with the amount of insects.

Right now, companies like AAA Pest Control are taking advantage of spring's slow start to spray organic pesticides. By spraying early, people in our area hope this will keep the bug population under control.

Joey Davis, who owns AAA Pest Control, says the water left behind from the rain helps breed a lot of mosquitoes. He expects the amount of times a property needs to be sprayed to nearly double from four to eight.

"Judging by this winter and the amount of rain, just in the last week or two we had tons of rain, it doesn't just come and sprinkle and leave, it just down pours and then leaves," Davis said. "So I think that, as a result, it is going to cause a lot more mosquito problems here in the area."

The best way to keep these bugs under control is to get rid of standing water left behind from rain and to stock up on the bug spray now.

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