Beach rescue service ramps up as busy season approaches

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The contract with the city of Myrtle Beach has officially started, so now you'll see lifeguards out every day. It may be cold now, but this weekend the weather will warm up and beach patrol officials are expecting big crowds.

For this weekend's Easter holiday, more lifeguards will be added on the beach to match more people coming in. This will happen every week leading up to the summer. It's necessary, as Lack's Beach Service says they can handle up to 30 rescues on any given day. Last year during the tourist season, lifeguards carried out nearly 1,000 rescues in the water and on the beach.

Now they're doing what they can to get prepared for another busy season.

"That's why we have the extra help coming to help us because it does get more crowded," said Hannah Houston, with Lack's Beach Service, "especially around the holidays."

Lack's has eight full-time lifeguards out on duty right now, and by June 1, a full force of lifeguards has to be out. The full force consists of more than 130 lifeguards out in Myrtle Beach.

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