FMU professor and graduate student case study to be published

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – Dr. Hubert Setzler III, Francis Marion University assistant professor of management, and FMU alum Corey Andrews, M.B.A., co-wrote the case study, "Trouble in Sherwood: Who is right Locksley or Nottingham?", that will be published in Southeast Case Research Journal, Issue 11, Fall 2014.

The case recently won best paper at the Southeast Case Research Association's 22nd Annual Meeting (SECRA) in Myrtle Beach. It involves ethical decision making, organizational communication and discipline.

The paper states that what is ethical and non-ethical is not simply a matter of patient care anymore. It has evolved to include strict adherence to procedure. This case revolves around a critical care nurse that was faced with a tough decision. The nurse had to make a choice that would ultimately affect several lives. Would she follow the rules and possibly cost lives or would she knowingly break the rules and possibly save many lives?

The Southeast Case Research Journal is a Peer Reviewed Publication of the Southeast Case Research Association.

The SECRA Journal was first published in 2004. It is listed in Cabell's Management Listing of Publications as Blind Reviewed, with a 30% acceptance rate.

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