Stabbing victim recounts horror

Source: NBC News
Source: NBC News

(NBC News) - Three of the 21 people stabbed Wednesday in a brutal rampage inside Pennsylvania's Franklin Regional High School remain in intensive care.

All are expected to survive, and many are crediting their friends and classmates with saving their lives.

16-year-old Alex Hribul, a sophomore, is charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

From his hospital bed, Brett Hurt recounted five terror filled minutes when Hribul, armed with two kitchen knives, slashed his way through everyone in his path.

"When people saw blood, they started screaming, and when they saw I got hit, they started running," Hurt says.

Hurt isn't sure when he'll be able to return to that hallway where he was stabbed, but has a wish for his attacker.

"I just hope that everyone, that I can forgive him and everyone else who got hurt can forgive him," he says.