Stop signs vanishing near US 17 Bypass back gate area

4/10/2014 - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The intersection connecting Frontage Road and US 17 Bypass near the backgate construction area is known to have some issues.

It was brought to WMBF News' attention that the stop signs on Tabernacle and Frontage Road are being stolen.

Since our last story, the stop sign was replaced, but business owners tell us they have gone missing again for a few months.

The three-way stop was visually only a one-way stop, because it had one standing stop sign.

The assistant manager at Hamburger International says one of the stop signs was crashed into and never replaced. As for the other, she says it was stolen. The often-stolen sign sits in front of Remedies Sports Bar.

The General Manager, Jeremy Halpin, has been there more than five years. In that time, he says he has seen at least a dozen or more stop signs go missing. He says this is because they are not set in the ground with concrete. He explains how hectic the intersection gets without the stop signs.

"You've got three different directions trying to get through the intersection, never mind the people coming through," Halpin said. "People that are coming from Palmetto Pointe Boulevard and off of 17 Bypass are sitting in the middle of the intersection; they are waiting for people to go through. It's hectic."

Before arriving at the intersection, we put a call into Horry County about the missing stop signs.  As we spoke with Mr. Halpin, Public Works did show up to replace the signs.

The city spokeswoman says the signs cost about $25 each to replace.

However, some people feel that the stop signs make no difference. They say people will do what they want, especially when trying to catch the light.

Halpin says the light only stays green for about 30 seconds, and it prompts people to speed up and blow the stop signs.

Larry Dodd has owned a business in the area for 27 years. He says he has never seen the intersection any different. He says people just do not pay attention to who has the right of way. He feels that they people taking down the stop signs are the ones that do not want them in the area.

"Folks just don't abide to what the laws are, and they just are not courteous," Dodd said.

The Assistant Manager of Hamburger International says people are cutting through their lot to avoid the stop sign. She says people are going 30 miles-per-hour or more, and a stop sign won't change the daily accidents that are happening. She feels that only police presence and some no U-turn signs will help.

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