Warmer temps end dormant season for snakes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Now that warmer weather trends are among us, be aware that snakes are more active during the spring months.

Now is the time folks are likely to see more snakes.

There are six venomous types of snakes that can be found in the Palmetto state, according to the state's Department of Natural Resources. The three most common types are Cottonmouth or Water Moccasin, Copperhead, and the Timber Rattlesnake.

Will Dillman, a herpetologist, says it's typical to see more snakes this time of year as the temperature warms up.

And snakes aren't just tucked away in the countryside. "[Snakes] can be found in many places, suburban and rural," Dillman said.

Dillman said it's difficult to say where you'll encounter them since they are spread throughout the environment.

Snakes can be found on low-lying limbs, which presents a shelter for them, or coiled in bushes.

Look out for snakes to be lurking around your home. Snakes, like the copperhead species, are brown in color and blend in well with brush and straw. To cut down the risk of running into an unwanted visitor, Dillman suggests keeping grass trimmed short and bush limbs trimmed up off the ground.

"If you don't give them areas to hide you'll minimize their presence in your yard," he advised.

"Venomous snake bites are pretty rare, you're most likely to get bitten if you're interacting with it -- pestering it or trying to capture it," he continued.

Nonetheless, always be on the lookout.

The best first-aid for any snake bite is to get to a medical facility as soon as possible.

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