Parking meter season extended in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Get ready to feed parking meters a little while longer in Myrtle Beach.

Meter season kicks off in March and previously ended in September, but now expect to pay to park through October 31.

Parking meters stand in Myrtle Beach from 29th Avenue South to 77th North.  If you don't pay your dollar to a dollar fifty an hour, expect to shell out at least $20 dollars in fines.  City officials say citations for parking meters will be strictly enforced, even through October.

The good news is, the price you pay per hour, won't change, but extending parking meter season an extra month will pump more money into the redevelopment of downtown Myrtle Beach.

Last parking season, the city brought in nearly $1.2 million dollars and they expect to bring in an extra $30-thousand dollars during the month of October.

The city is regulating parking an extra month to keep up with the growing number of visitors creating high demand for parking, but that's not the only purpose the meters serve. Downtown Redevelopment Corporation officials say the main reason to extend parking meter season isn't to generate more revenue, but control parking throughout the city.

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