BB gun shooting has middle schooler in hot water with police

The neighborhood where the BB gun shooting incident occurred.
The neighborhood where the BB gun shooting incident occurred.

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - An Horry County Police report details exactly what happened in a Carolina Forest neighborhood last Thursday morning. It says what started as several boyhood arguments led to a BB gun assault. Now the Ocean Bay Middle schooler is facing three charges: disturbing schools, public disorderly conduct and simple assault.

According to the report, two brothers who attend Ocean Bay Middle School were headed to the bus stop when another student opened his door, pointed the BB gun and shot at them. No one was hurt. The gun wasn't loaded, but the CO2 cartridge made a loud bang, startling the boys, who ran to the bus and reported it to the driver.

"They thought it was a real gun because when it went off they started running and said it sounded like a real gun," says Sonny Bridges, the grandfather of the brothers.

That morning, Bridges met with police, the school resource officer, the suspect, and the suspect's father to find out what happened.

"The young man who lives down there was just trying to get back at them because they had been teasing each other," Bridges said.

According to the report, the teasing had been going on for about a month between all three boys, and on Thursday, it came to a head.

The principal at Ocean Bay Middle school, Connie Huddle, says it's a situation of concern, and that even though it didn't happen on school property, by policy, the district can still take action. She says students on the bus were about 15 minutes late to school, and a note was sent home with them about what happened.

"Zero tolerance," says Bridges about the school's policy for what happened. He used the incident as a learning opportunity for his grandsons and for the suspect. "I wanted to encourage him and tell him that although he made a mistake, everything is going to be alright."

The suspect could face a range of disciplinary actions, but Bridges believes it's a teachable moment for parents and students. It is the Horry County School District Policy that when a student is involved in an incident such as this one, they are to remain out of school until they have an evidentiary hearing.

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