Conway Police programs aim to help community and some offenders

CONWAY, SC (WMBF)- The Conway Police Department is using different techniques to work with the community and prevent crime.

The Department's Spokesperson, Lieutenant Selena Small, says the partnership is key to raising awareness and finding where the most crime is happening. She admits they have their problem areas. She says it's hard to say what causes crime to go up, but nicer weather certainly seems to be a reason. She explains that nicer weather brings more people out and people want to leave car windows open while they walk the beach or leave slider doors open so fresh air can get into their home. She stresses that if you are not home or not with your car, you should remember to secure everything before you leave.

Different community events help officers connect with the community and talk about these things with the people. Small says whether it's a fundraiser, like the Cops on Top fundraiser for the Special Olympics, or community walk throughs with neighborhood watches, cops are getting more involved. Small also explained the program that the Conway Police, Solicitor's Office and the U.S. Attorney's Office are trying to get started in Conway. She says they have to categorize offenders and see which people they can truly educate and get out of the system and back into the community.

"What we want to do is help the people we know we can help, whether its getting them the education or vocational training to get money the proper way," Small said. "We want to give them another chance to get back in the community."

She said that there are some people that are frequent offenders and those are the people that need to be put in jail.

"If you've got somebody that's a several time offender that's not taking advantage of the opportunities that's presented to them, than that's someone who needs to go to jail or prison and suffer for what they've done," Small added.

The community is aware of the new program and Small has high hopes that it will work. At the end of the month, Conway Police are having a Community Clean up day where crime awareness and action plans will be discussed with people living in the area. It will be on Saturday April 26.

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