1 day after Florence County's 12-acre fire

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Charred grass, several charred vehicles, and a shell of what used to be someone's home, are reminders of the wildfire that ripped through a Florence County community.

"The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was come out here and take pictures because I could not believe what we experienced yesterday," said Adelaide Johnson.

Adelaide Johnson and her family live in the community they call the Robinson Plantation, most of it was scorched after a debris burn got loose.

"I saw the trees and everything engulfed in flames and I saw the smoke as well," said Johnson.

At one point, while several crews tried to bring the wild fire under control, Johnson's home along with her neighbor's, was in danger of being scorched by the flames.

Johnson said she was glad the wind blew the fire away from her home.

"It left the areas of the homes and shifted over towards the woods and fields," said Johnson.

But not before destroying one mobile home.

I reached out to the family whose home was burnt in the flames, they tell me they are now staying with relatives and are trying to figure out what to do next.

"I have noticed that we don't have any fire hydrants in this area," she said.

Johnson and her neighbors said every year their area sees around four wildfires, although those fires are not usually as big as yesterday's.

This community said it would like to see more hydrants in the area because of the dry vegetation surrounding their homes.

Fire crews did have to refill three thousand-gallon tankers several times to bring the flames under control here.

"I think if we had a fire hydrant in this area, they wouldn't have had to do that and we wouldn't have this amount of devastation out here."

Today, WMBF News learned Mingo Robinson, the man facing charges for not keeping an eye on his debris burn has several family members in this community.

"I think that I need to let everyone know that Mr. Mingo did not mean any ill intent," said Johnson.

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