Firefighters warn of elevated fire threat in the area

Aftermath of a brush fire that burned near Mullins Tuesday afternoon
Aftermath of a brush fire that burned near Mullins Tuesday afternoon

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Fire Rescue now says that the county is under an elevated fire risk. This means there are all the perfect weather conditions for more brush fires across the area, and everyone falls into that risk category.

The concern is not just in rural areas, but dense neighborhoods like Forestbrook, Carolina Forest, or any subdivisions that are surrounded by trees.

WMBF News talked with fire officials with Horry County Fire Rescue, and they say it's close to the point where they need to put a temporary burn ban for Horry County. That decision could fall as early as Thursday, or could be days from now. The elevated threat level serves as a warning that's urging people to only burn if absolutely necessary.

Firefighters also need you to be the eyes and ears, since they're busy responding to more emergency calls right now. They need everyone to be on the look out for fires popping up.

"Our business is up this time of year anyway," explained Stacy Roberts. "And it just gets busier. With the increase in medical calls, wrecks, and to add the brush fires in this time of year. So it's a busy time of year."

On top of dealing with that, because of the elevated threat the past couple of days, firefighters are also now driving back through areas that have had brush fires recently so they can monitor for flare ups.

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