Wind takes brush fire in Mullins

04/01/2014 - MULLINS, SC (WMBF)- A fire burned about 60-acres of pasture on Tuesday, according to Mullins Fire and Rescue Chief Robert Stetson.

What began as a controlled agricultural burn soon engulfed the entire plot of land. Mullins firefighter crews were first on the scene but soon called for backup after realizing the potential danger of the fire.

"Because we saw how extensive it was and the size of it, [we knew] the main objective", said Stetson. "It wasn't going to hurt anything out here but pasture, so what we were trying to do was focus on residences and exposures."

Chief Stetson said about 50 firefighters were on scene for about three hours. The fire was distinguished but there were still remaining hotspots they treated with water before leaving the scene.

Around 7 p.m., firefighters were called back to a small fire in the area. Chief Stetson beliefs an ember from the previous fire went airborne into the woods. He says firefighter crews will be checking on the area every few hours and the South Carolina Forestry Commission will also be on the scene tonight to create a firebreak and prevent it from spreading.

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