How seasonal jobs impact the unemployment rate

03/31/2014 - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- The unemployment rate in South Carolina is down 5.7 percent.

Adrienne Fairwell is with the Department of Employment and Workforce. She says the number is seasonally adjusted, unlike the unemployment rate in the county.

In February, Horry County had an unemployment rate of 7.2 percent.  Although seasonal jobs affect this number, some local managers believe they can lead to much more.

Taylor Damonte is the director of Brittain Center for Resort Tourism at Coastal Carolina University. He says that for every three rooms rented, there is one new full-time job annually. He argues that although the area is known for seasonal hospitality jobs, there are also many full-time jobs.

"A total of 150 seasonal positions became open but tied up in that were 15-20 permanent managerial jobs," said Damonte.

Hannah Houston says that a life guarding job can lead to other careers in safety. She said she has seen people go on to EMT or EMS school and even pre-med as a result of the seasonal job.

The Easter holiday is also later this year.

Houston referred to the time before Easter as "crunch time" and said she likes to have everything squared away by Easter because it is considered the starting point of the season. Since it is later this year, this gives her more time to hire people. She said she has hired more than 130 people, to date.

Damonte wants people to remember the big picture when applying for jobs:
"Consider which employer is going to give you the best training and what employer has the most opportunity for advancement."

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