Prom season brings underage drinking concerns

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It is officially prom season in Horry County. Friday night, Myrtle Beach High School had their senior prom at Dunes Golf Club.

Principal John Washburn explains that they had advisory meetings with their students during their study hall periods. During this time, teachers were able to have honest conversations with their students about prom and the risk of drinking at prom.

In front of Myrtle Beach High School is a display with a crashed car, the product of drinking and driving. With the car is a banner that reads: "How do you want to remember your prom?

Sergeant Jeff Benton with the "Community Action for a Safer Tomorrow" Coalition explained that underage drinking is a big concern because there is a lot of build up around prom night.

"You have the whole year to plan that particular night, so peer pressure plays a big part into that also," Sgt. Benton said.

He went on to say that prom leads to temptation because of its circumstances. He says parents tend to let their kids stay out later because it is prom night, which in turn makes them think they could get away with things they normally would not.

"There's a certain group of kids that tell their parents they are going to the prom," Sgt. Benton said. "They don't necessary go to it. "

McKinnley Oromaner is a senior at Myrtle Beach High School. Drinking and driving is a sensitive subject for her. She lost her uncle after he was hit by a drunk driver. She says that students still plan on drinking on prom night.

"It just hurts me to know that they're still going to do it and again they don't realize the long term effects it has on people," Oromaner said.

Sergeant Benton said that the CAST Coalition will be out this weekend. They will be in marked vehicles and undercover. He says they have received tips and they are aware that with prom comes the after party. He says the Coalition will be out making sure these parties do not happen.

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