Viral proposal filmed at the SkyWheel

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Every now and then a video posted to social media grabs hold of the people who see it and it goes viral. In the last few days, a video of a proposal posted to YouTube, filmed right here in Myrtle Beach, has captivated viewers and done just that.

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce says personal experiences like this are invaluable testimonials to the experience you can get here. "It's a story about an everyday person in America planning a proposal and it just happened to be at Myrtle Beach on the SkyWheel," says Susan Phillips, Director of Marketing for the Chamber.

Aaron Talmage wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Ashley, in a special way. One night when he was on the SkyWheel with his friends, it struck him how perfect the spot was. And after months of planning, Ashley said yes.

The story has been shared thousands and thousands of times. The video was posted to YouTube 3 days ago, and it has over 6,500 views.  Talmage says he and his girlfriend met in Myrtle Beach, they were of course engaged here, and now they may even get married here.

The Chamber says this is the experience they want people to share. And when personal stories travel, it does something paid advertising can't.

"How do you tell that story?" Phillips asks. "It's best told by people who are living it, seeing it - unscripted. That's what people want. And certainly we're going to continue to push our advertising message out there. But when you can integrate this with what we're doing, it just is powerful. And again, its going to resonate with folks whether they're young, old, any demographic audience. It's something people can relate to."

You can watch the full video here:

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