Six months after massive fire, parts of Georgetown still feel impacts

Midway Fire Rescue
Midway Fire Rescue

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - It's been six months since the fire ripped through Georgetown's historic district, causing severe damage to seven Front Street buildings. The fire relief committee just did a final distribution of the money from the Fire Relief Fund and said they raised approximately $210,000.

The money was distributed into three categories: employees who lost their jobs in the fire, business owners, and tenants/homeowners. All in all, 93 people were directly impacted, but the fire impacts the entire community, with residents still driving past piles of debris to this day.

Mayor Jack Scoville said the city has cleaned up its portion of the debris that fell into the water, the remainder of debris clean-up falls on property owners. A follow-up inspection of asbestos found by Department of Health and Environmental Control was conducted in January; the asbestos caused the clean-up process to fall behind. While the asbestos is not a problem for people passing by, it is still an issue for workers removing the debris.

The mayor said contractors are scheduled to come to the site this week, and the goal is to have the remainder cleared by early next week, pending weather.

While the fire relief fund is now closed, moving forward, the way people can help is by remembering that Georgetown is still here and paying a visit to the town that is still rebuilding.

Check back soon for a full report on Georgetown's restoration efforts, and for comments from the affected business owners on their experiences over the past six months.

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