FCSO looking to cash in on confiscated items

FCSO confiscated items, Part 1

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) -  By selling confiscated items, including whiskey, beer and guns, the Florence County Sheriff's Department is raising money to get more equipment to help catch more criminals.

"The very drug dealers that we take money off of from time to time are actually helping to finance the drug dogs that we use to catch them," said Captain Michael Nunn with FCSO.

Captain Nunn said the alcohol and guns the department is currently selling will return back to the department in the form of equipment needed to better help deputies in drug enforcement.

The hundreds of bottles of beer and alcohol the sheriff's office is getting rid of come from past cases where people were found to be in violation of liquor laws.

The cases were "serious violations of the ABC Code, and we have to actually shut down a place for the illegal sale of alcohol," Captain Nunn said. "The law allows us to seize that alcohol.

Nunn added that once those alcohol violations are ruled on by a judge, that liquor can then be sold by the sheriff's office for more drug enforcing equipment.

The same goes for the 300 guns currently being bid on.

These guns were "weapons used in armed robbery, a hold up or any kind of crime," said Nunn. There is an array of firearms being bid on, and as with the sale of liquor, only a licensed wholeseller is qualified to purchase.

"We make them available for inspections, and they come and look at them and bid on the whole lot," said Nunn.

At this time, it is not clear just how much money will be raised, because the bids have not yet been awarded.

Nunn said sales like this help lift the burden of buying equipment for the department from tax payers. Money brought in through these types of sales can't be used for deputies to get raises or any other personnel matter.

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