Improperly removing dead tree parts can spread disease, experts say

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - As the weather warms up, many will be going outside to do some yard work this weekend, but if those weekend plans include working to fix up the damage this winter's storms did to trees, you should proceed with caution.

From Myrtle palms to pine trees, there are a lot of shabby-looking trees out there, but experts say if you take care of them improperly, disease can spread.

The folks at All Around Tree Specialists in Conway say it takes a trained eye to know whether a tree is healthy or not. Right now, a lot of trees just look shabby from the storms, but a trained eye can see what's really going on.

Michelle Loch's tree removal business has been booming since the winter storms, but she says people aren't cutting those limbs properly and that's where the problem start.

"When you dead wood a tree it has to be done proper, if not it could actually kill the tree," Loch said. "Fungus will grow on that tree and affect the rest of the tree because the dead branch is still on the tree."

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