Report: Man charged with attempted murder after sword attack

San Marcus villa attempted murder, Part 2
Anthony Shi Felder. Source: MBPD
Anthony Shi Felder. Source: MBPD

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A man has been charged with attempted murder after a fight, apparently involving a sword or large knife, outside a hotel on Yaupon Avenue at about 3 a.m. Thursday, according to Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes.

According to the Myrtle Beach Police report, an officer responded to the 1400 block of Kings Highway in reference to an assault. The officer found a victim covered in blood, and saw a man apparently trying to evade police walking next door.

Workers in that building thought he was hiding because he was the victim, not the other way around. They believe he hid in the bathroom until officers could apprehend him.

The officer provided first aid to the victim on the sidewalk, and the victim said he was hit with a sword on his head and left arm. The officer noticed a cut on the victim's forehead and a cut to his arm that was so deep that it felt like it was broken, according to the police report.

Once Emergency Medical Services arrived, the other responding officers located a trail of blood leading toward to 14th Avenue South and Yaupon Drive, where the crime scene was located, according to the report.

Officers then responded to San Marcus Villas, where there was a partial surveillance video of the incident taking place. The camera recorded the suspect walking out of an apartment, then several minutes later, walking back to the same apartment with what appeared to be a long knife.

The suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Anthony Shi Felder, had gone into the neighboring Nathan's Restaurant. Officers went into the restaurant and apprehended Felder, who had blood on him.

Felder was charged with attempted murder and booked into Myrtle Beach Jail.

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