Consider This: Cleaning up Horry County

Along the Grand Strand a healthy tourism industry means successful, profitable businesses and lots of jobs. Right now the millions of guests who impact this important industry are greeted by unkempt, trashy roads.

Consider This:

Travel to most resort communities and, unlike the Grand Strand, you'll be greeted with well landscaped, manicured entranceways.  Last year, finally, Horry County began working to freshen up the main highways with improved landscaping and maintenance. But even with the improvements the first impression of the area is still embarrassing. Roads mowed infrequently, trash everywhere and many areas that were recently landscaped are now full of weeds.

Fortunately County Council is discussing a program to address the litter by having a team focused on keeping the roads clean. That's a good idea. I'll add that other than just picking up trash perhaps this team could also operate a street sweeping machine to brush the main highways. Another easy fix to make our roads more attractive is to remove the dirt, rocks, weeds and grass along the barriers, curbs and medians.

When someone is selling their home, curb appeal is important. We need to do a better job with our curb appeal. Having a dedicated team focused on keeping the roads clean is an important piece of the puzzle and a good next step.

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