Florence school board member pushes for prayer in school


FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - A school board member is making waves trying to put prayer back in local school. During every meeting she prays out loud, and some people wonder if it's legal.

"Because it's you who stretched your arms, hung your head and died," prayed Pat Gibson Hye-Moore at a recent school board meeting.

There is concern that what Gibson Hye-Moore is doing is illegal.

"They're trying to take God out of our lives completely, and He's our protector He's our savior," said Gibson Hye-Moore.

Gibson Hye-Moore is just one of thousands of people who are a part of the "Put Prayer Back" initiative currently spreading across the country. A few of those in the group showed up at Thursday night's meeting to show their support for Gibson Hye-Moore.

Florence One's Board of Trustees has considered eliminating the time allotted for the moment of silence so that Gibson Hye-Moore doesn't pray out loud.

"What happens is when you take an oath of office you agree to hold up the law in South Carolina and the United States," said Porter Steward, Chairman of Florence One's Board of Trustees.

"My goal is not just so much for that particular setting, but I'm trying to spread this message across the nation," said Gibson Hye-Moore.

At Thursday's meeting, in an effort to make sure the board stays compliant with state and federal law concerning the moment of silence, Florence One's legal counsel came forth.

After the attorney explained there is currently a similar case soon to be ruled on by the Supreme Court, Florence One's Board decided to table the issue until that ruling comes down.

But Hye-Moore said she doesn't care what's decided, because she will continue to pray out loud, and without ceasing.

"I respect other religions, but America is built on Christianity, we are the majority," said Gibson Hye-Moore.

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