Grand Strand businesses working together to keep St. Patrick's Day safe

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- The St. Patrick's Day weekend for the city starts on Saturday, and as good as this weekend is for local business owners and cab companies, they realize they need to work together to keep people safe.

8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill is in the heart of the festival. The Owner and General Manager, Gil Reibenbach, says he is expecting more that 14,000 people. He says they will be busy all day, and he specially trains his staff to be cautious.

"If customers come intoxicated, they cannot be served," Reibenbach. "I try to inform my staff that they should know the limits for someone drinking. They shouldn't force or give someone alcohol that's already been drinking."

When situations do get out of hand, Reibenbach says his security handles it. He tells staff to look for people that might be trying to drive and to try their best to make the people get into a cab. Reibenbach knows if someone gets hurt or worse when leaving his bar, it's on him.

The Co-owner of Express Transportation, Rebecca Allen, admits Myrtle Beach is somewhere that either has too many cabs or not enough. She says that on Saint Patrick's Day weekend, there are not enough. She wants to remind people to be proactive, to plan not only a way to the bar, but a way back beforehand, because once it hits closing time on a weekend like this, the wait will be at least a half an hour.

The Horry County Police and The Myrtle Beach Police will be out in force, especially during the festival Saturday.

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