Common Core standards can make helping with homework difficult

Common core curriculum

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - For many of us math is difficult, let's just be honest. That's why if you're not prepared for how children are learning it these days, then those after school homework help sessions can get pretty ugly.

My daughter is in second grade, and helping her with her math homework caught me off guard when she started an addition problem by adding the hundreds column first instead of the ones column.

This is just one example of how learning is different using Common Core.

"The reason they start with the tens is because we naturally read left to right. So why can't we do math left to right," says Paula Mullis, a learning specialist for the district. Mullis adds that in Common Core, students are taught more than one way to solve a problem.

By starting with the left side of a math problem when it's stacked they are taught to round and then add the remaining numbers.

"We want children to have multiple strategies to approach a problem because when they go out into the real world sometimes its easier to remember one strategy than another," says Mullis.

Common Core is a national standard of learning to get kids college and career ready. This is the first full year it's been implemented into the Horry County School District.

In math, teachers are using 'everyday math' and parents can go online to find out how the new strategies work for yourself with Everyday Math:

You choose the grade you want, then click and compare the traditional method of learning or the new methods. It certainly beats frustration at the homework table, and if all else fails, Mullis says just talk it out with your child.

"The best thing you can do is ask them, what do you remember from class that your teacher has been teaching and sort of guide them with some questions that will promote something in their brain."

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