Gas prices jump up in month of March

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Brace yourself when you get to the pump: AAA says it's now the worst part of the year for gas prices.

Experts say in March, refiners are going through "Spring Cleaning", and it comes with a cost. They're making the switchover from the winter blend of gas to a summer blend. The summer blend is a mixture that limits the number of emissions that evaporate in warmer weather. Putting it together is expensive, and during this time, refiners limit production.

Drivers feel they shouldn't have to pay, especially since last month we reportedly saw the largest increase in gas prices since July.

"It's ridiculous," said Joseph Chicano. "Where's the money going? There's no call for that there. You're hurting the people. It's bad enough there's no jobs around here as it is. So you have a homeowner that has to pay more in gas to go to work."

Companies have the deadline to finish the summer blend switchover by May 1. After that date, we could see some relief at the gas station. Experts expect that's when gas prices could get pretty low, just in time for summer.

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