Natural allergy remedies, hidden allergens to help as allergy season nears

Allergy season remedies

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's the time of year allergy sufferers dread - a transition to spring that has millions of people every year in pain. In honor of the coming season, take the time to allergen-proof your home as they often hide in some of the most unsuspecting of places.

Dr. Reynolds with Myrtle Beach Urgent Care says the first thing to should do is clean carpets, because there's still about one week before everything is covered in pollen. Those carpets have gotten dusty over winter and they'll get you sneezing quicker than you can say "achoo".

Then, head to the car and change the air filter. Those are huge carriers of allergens that will blow onto you when it's time to turn on the AC.

Make sure to dust off the clutter that's been sitting around. And if you like drying your clothes naturally outside - or just the ones you don't put in the dryer. Make sure they're completely dry before you bring them inside. Anything that is moist will attract and keep pollen on it.

But the cutest, cuddliest off all the offenders is also one of the worst - your pets.

"Cause they're basically in and out of everything so they're, of course, going outside," Dr. Reynolds says. "And as soon as the pollen hits, the pollen is going to collect on them. Especially if they're in any environment that has any moisture to it. The moisture is going to collect the pollen, and since that's going to attract it, then they'll bring the pollen in with them."

And once the sniffles come and your head gets achy, of course you can take a trip to the drug store for a remedy, but there are things you can try that you've probably already got in your very own home that may help with the symptoms.

Some people say local honey will do the trick, because if your body ingests the allergen from your own region, it works like a vaccine.

Some claim grape seed extract and quercetin may be helpful fighting the seasonal symptoms. Both are found naturally in many foods, and are especially abundant in red wine. Plus they can be found in supplement form in the nearest vitamin aisle.

And of course there is saline nasal spray, also known as salt water, which helps clear nasal passages when you are congested.

But Doctor Ron Reynolds with the Beach Urgent Care says to remember anything that would affect your immune system normally is going to make you more susceptible to assault by an allergen.

"Making sure you're getting plenty of rest," Dr. Reynolds advises. "That you're otherwise eating healthy and eating in a nutritional manner. That you're not running down your immune system so that if you are exposed to something. That you have the resistance to fight it."

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