The future of Florence's Trust Building

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) The legal battle may be over, but a nonprofit's fight to save Florence's Trust Building is not.

"No we're not going to do anything else legally. I don't want to say that,but we hope that we will be able to convince the city that, please take another look," said Agnes Willcox with the Historic Florence Foundation.

Court proceeding won't happen, but Agnes Willcox and the Historic Florence Foundation are still working with builders and architects. This is all in an effort, to show Florence City leaders what can be done to keep the Trust Building standing.

"We have viable alternatives if we could just get the opportunity to really be heard," said Wilcox.

By presenting those alternatives to the city, the group hopes to change the scheduled demolition of the trust building.

"We anticipate that process will take 90 days," said Drew Griffin, City of Florence Manager.

Come Thursday, the city will begin sifting through bids from construction crews interested in tearing down the building, but bringing the Trust Building down will not be an easy task.

"The city certainly understands asbestos and the limitations of that asbestos, but we are not the professionals who remove asbestos," said Griffin.

The City initially decided it would throw $500,000 into demolishing the Trust Building, but recent developments have revealed additional costs. "That because there is so much water damage and there has been so much of the asbestos that has been wet and fallen to the floor."

The price of demolition will exceed the half million dollars- but by how much is unknown.

It is important to note, the city will demolish the building using tax money generated through all the new businesses built in the downtown area.

So demolishing the Trust Building will not come out of the general fund.

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