Consider This: North Myrtle Beach Sports Tourism

Consider This: North Myrtle Beach Sports Tourism

The new multi-million dollar North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex is open and events are underway. Most of the funding for the new facility came from a millage increase, but that small investment will provide a significant return over time.

Consider This:

There is no doubt that area cities are on the right track when it comes to growing sports tourism. This region of the country offers a great climate, plenty of affordable hotels, the beach and other wonderful amenities to support these events.  And although North Myrtle Beach may compete with Myrtle Beach for some events, initial bookings show that the two cities are actually growing the overall pie instead of cannibalizing each other.

Build it and they will come. It has worked in Myrtle Beach and now it is working in North Myrtle Beach. Expect to see that continue and sports tourism reach a new pinnacle when the Myrtle Beach Sports Center goes online next year.

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