McLeod gets 23 honors, setting them apart from other hospitals

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA(WMBF) - Out of more than 4,500 hospitals across the nation, McLeod Regional Hospital now has three programs ranked among the 100 best in the county. McLeod's Cardiac Care, spine surgery and general surgery programs are setting this hospital apart from others.

"I have to tell you, on an individual basis as doctors in the hospital, we really don't focus too much on recognition from an outside agency," said Dr. Andrew Ray.

Dr. Andrew Ray is one of the doctors who received awards today on behalf of the hospital staff at McLeod for outstanding treatment.

Ray and his colleagues have helped rank the hospital in the top 100 when it comes to spinal surgery.

"We're just taking care of our patients like we always have.  And it just turns out that this is an entity that is keeping up with some of the numbers, and it appears that we are doing pretty well," said Dr. Ray.

"Hospitals may not opt in or out, and there is no pay to play," said Connor Tuttle with Healthgrades.

Healthgrades is the company keeping up with performance numbers at McLeod and every hospital nationwide.

"McLeod is the only hospital in its region to receive many of these awards," said Tuttle.

"It's not by luck you get these kinds of achievements. We have a whole staff of nurses, technicians, analyst, I. T. people…who are helping our physicians identify what is the best way to care for a patient," said Marie Segars with McLeod.

"As based on the years from 2010 to 2012, if every hospital, as a group, performed similarly to hospitals receiving five stars, as a group, on average, 234,252 lives could potentially have been saved," said Tuttle.

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