Consider This: Burning Storm Debris

Consider This: Burning Storm Debris

It might not feel like it right now, but spring will be here in a matter of days. That means conditions will be favorable for fires to get out of control and spread quickly.

Consider This: We're always susceptible to wildfires in our area this time of year. And we're very lucky that no lives were lost in the fires that destroyed some of our communities the past few years. Unfortunately, this year the situation is worse with all of the downed limbs and trees from the recent ice storms.

As you clean up your property please make sure you are cautious if you decide to burn the debris. According to the South Carolina Forestry Commission, careless debris burners cause more than 40 percent of wildfires in the state every year. And remember you are responsible for your fire. If it escapes, you will be fined and held liable if it damages property.

That information and other safe burning tips are included in the Think Before You Burn guide provided by the SC Forestry Commission:

It's up to you to be smart, be careful and alert forestry officials before you plan to burn your debris.