DMV offers some suspended drivers fixes, time cuts

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF News/AP) - South Carolina's Department of Motor Vehicles is offering some drivers whose licenses have been suspended a chance to get their driving privileges restored.

From March 10-14, the agency is allowing drivers who qualify a chance to reduce or clear suspensions. Drivers must meet all requirements.

The program is offered at all DMV offices in the state but is not available to everyone. Drivers whose licenses were suspended for alcohol or drug-related offenses are not eligible.

If your license was suspended for excessive points or moving violations, you qualify as long as you're over 18. If you didn't pay property taxes or a traffic ticket, you qualify.

Department spokeswoman Beth Parks says drivers who were suspended for operating an unlicensed or uninsured vehicle may qualify for the program.

The catch is that all fees must be paid and certain insurance forms may be required. So if you owe for those property taxes, tickets, etc, you'll have to pay up.

Drivers with a clear record may apply for a new license. Some may have to take tests to get back on the road.

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