Florence School District 3 makes changes to promote growth within district

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Florence County School District Three is making changes to improve test scores, better prepare for Common Core, and attract new students.

"This will allow us to more effectively adjust our early childhood needs," said Laura Hickson, Florence Three's Superintendent of Instruction. She added that restructuring, beyond other benefits, will allow educators to prepare those students in kindergarten through second grade for state testing.

"We have seen that some of our students have come to school not ready to learn," said Hickson.

The plan is also to help younger students embrace what's being taught in the classroom.

"We hope to serve more three and four-year-olds, so that we can do a better job making sure our students are ready to learn the common core standards," said Hickson.

Trying to make these improvements means students who live in Lake City will have to be moved around. The plan: send all Kindergarten through second grade students to one school, Lake City Elementary. All third through fifth grade students will be taught at Main Street Elementary. All other Florence School District Three School outside of Lake City Limits will function as normal.

"The size of Lake City, with us eliminating the zones lines within the city limits, it shouldn't offer a challenge for the district or for parents," said Hickson.

School officials' hope by restructuring the district, Florence3 will become eligible for federal funding.

"We hope that this might put us in a better situation to apply for earlier child hood grants as well," said Hickson, which means the district will be able to purchase more resources to help students learn.

In March, the district will hold a meeting to give parents a chance to ask questions about how restructuring will impact their students.

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