Businesses pleased with outcome of Bike Week permit meeting

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Public Safety Committee had a meeting Thursday night addressing the bike week permits for local business owners and venders. The permit rules and regulations have not changed from last year, but what is expected to change is the number of bikers this year.  Chairman of Public Safety Brent Schulz says communication is key, and it is important for every party involved to be on the same page.

"The most important aspect is that we have everything in black and white," Schulz. "What we as a council have voted on and we give it to the people on paper and verbally on what the rules are, so we all understand each other before this rally starts. We want everybody to have a good time; everybody just needs to know what the rules are."

Business owners that cater specifically to bikers are happy with the outcome of the permit meeting, and say other years have been quite different.

"You know a couple of years ago things were different," says Doyce Heinzmann, owner of Spokes and Bones. "Where we'd go into the meetings and expect the worst and try to handle it after the meetings, but for the last couple of years it's been plain and simple. Just follow the rules..."

S.B.B's Bill Barber anticipates this year's bike rally to be different, in that bikers will be all over the Grand Strand, versus picking between the North or South Strand.

"The feeling is that we're going to have a pretty big rally, and that they're going to be all over the Grand Strand and spending their money and in all the different businesses, restaurants, hotels, and the bars and the shows," Barber says. "They're tourists, and like everyone else, they're coming down to have a good time."

Local biker and veteran Angelo Miller also expects this year to be bigger than the increase they saw last year. He just doesn't understand why Myrtle Beach has been so tough on bikers in the past. He says they're good people and also do good for the community.

"The city is always going to try to run us out," Miller says. "I don't know why I don't know why; they don't like our money. We do good things for the community. We don't do anything bad. We just come out we have a good time and we visit everybody. We're just out here to ride, listen to some good music, have a few drinks, and do what we do best, and that's enjoy each other's company."

This year marks the 75th annual bike week here in Horry County. The Public Safety committee wants people to have a good time, but in a safe way.

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