Lake City works to eliminate its gang problem

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Lake City has recently has seen an influx in gang-related crimes. Law Enforcement Officers said they are working on a plan to drive gang activity from the community.

"Yea, it happens all the time. A lot of shootings, a lot of jumpings, a lot of people you know, harassment,and all that," said Nicole Gaskins.

Nicole Gaskins lives on South Morris Street. Morris Street is the where the most recent gang related shooting took place.

Lieutenant John Kelly with the Lake City Police Department said within the last year gang related shootings have increased, and in the past year, five have taken place.

"I would say more of retaliation for the different sets trying to get back at the member of another." said Kelly.

With that in mind, police, Lake City Administration and other agencies are taking steps to eliminate gang activity within City Limits.

"Our new assistant chief has had prior training with gangs; we have some of our officers down at the beach attending a gang conference so we're gearing up," said Lake City Mayor Lovith Anderson.

But the public's help is also needed. "If there is anyone in Lake City that knows anything about the recent shootings, if you could just please call the Lake City Police Department," said Lt. Kelly.

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