Website ranks CCU high on list of drug, alcohol arrests used data from 2010 to 2011 to determine which universities in the United States had the highest number of drug and alcohol arrests per every 1,000 students.

According to the website, there are more than 13.4 million full time college students on more than 7,000 American college campuses. They claim 20 percent of those students have used illegal drugs in the last month, and 40 percent have consumed alcohol "in excess" in the last two weeks.

Coastal Carolina University ranked seventh overall in drug arrests on campus and in the mid twenties for illicit drug use. Clemson University ranked 33rd for alcohol arrests, and South Carolina as a state ranked in the mid twenties for binge drinking.

The website also found the Palmetto State ranked seven out of 10 in states with the highest Google searches for Adderall during Fall and Spring finals.

Overall, when tallying the top 20 schools for drug and alcohol arrests, CCU ranked 20th, the only school in South Carolina to make that list.

The study only ranks schools with more than 5,000 students. Check out the full list here:

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