Cables monitor rush hour in high traffic areas

Sensors detect speeding and keep drivers safe

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If you've ever been stuck at the Highway 17 Bypass and Glenns Bay Road intersection during the 5:30 rush, you're not alone.

"[In a] perfect world, yeah, traffic would flow easy all the time. Everybody would always maintain one speed and the lights would always be green. But this is Myrtle Beach. Tourism, just gotta deal with it," noted Brandon Routh, who works with Owens Liquors.

Brandon Routh and his fellow drivers at Owens Liquors are on a tight deadline. They've got deliveries to make, and they know what roads to avoid. "I use 31 to get around everything."

And these drivers aren't the only ones. When we asked Grand Strand drivers about the most congested roads to drive on in Myrtle Beach, the responses were a lot of the same: Kings Highway, Kings Highway, Kings Highway, and Glenns Bay Road.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has noticed what drivers are echoing to us, and that's why they've placed small boxes known as traffic counters on the sides of these busy highways, said engineer Shannon Welch.

The boxes are connected to cables that can keep a tally of the number of cars traveling along the roads and through each intersection. These cables can determine traffic patterns.

Brandon Routh says he hopes the cables slow down the drivers with lead foots too. "There's been a few drag races, so to speak. They try to beat the light and get in front of you."

SCDOT has removed the cable in the Glenns Bay, Highway 17 intersection which was there count cars car earlier today. They still have one set up one Highway 17 Bypass near the 82nd Parkway.

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