South Florence High student lands in 'Student Spotlight'

Student Spotlight

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Seventeen-year-old Euniqua Jones has come a long way since her freshman year in high school, four years ago, around the time she says her dad left home.

"I felt like I could just breeze through freshman year and after a while I started to fail so many things I began to not care anymore," says Jones.

But the high school senior says in her heart she knew she could do better. So she decided to make a change.

"I saw how much it hurt my family and how much it hurt them to see me fall behind and I never wanted to see them disappointed in me so I kind of picked back up."

For Jones, picking back up meant getting focused and involved. She joined the track team and is now captain. She's on the National Honor Society with a 4.0 GPA and she's president of the Alpha Ladies Society. Also noteworthy, the young lady gives back to the community. While researching scholarships this winter, she came across and opportunity to help proved jeans to homeless teenagers in Florence.

"Some of them never owned their own pair of jeans so what we did was come together as an organization and we got the school involved and it was successful," she says.

Today, Jones is working on being a success in her favorite class, honors English. She presented her analysis of how a psychiatrist would assess "Grendel" in the literary tale 'Beowulf' before the class. And her presentation is not far from her own aspirations in life. She plans to start college at Francis Marion then transfer to Clemson to work toward her career goals.

"I want to get my PHD, become a psychologist and go on to be really successful," she says.

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