Consider This: Your Feedback

Two recent editorials – Closing Whispering Pines golf course and making up the missed school days – sparked a lot of feedback.

Regarding the future of the Whispering Pines Gary says, "I do not agree with this assessment. This course is very nice and undervalued; it just needs to be marketed properly. It should be the first or last course played for all golfers flying here. For Myrtle Beach to own a golf course in the golf capital of the world, holding its own against all the competition, is a great big plus for the City. And that, Council members, is what you need to remember."

Len shared this feedback, "The city was given a silver spoon, reportedly acquiring this property for $1. If they can't show a profit it is a poor reflection on government's ability to manage programs at any level, but everybody already knows that."

And on making up the missed school days, Dorothy has this opinion, "As a career educator I disagree with your opinion regarding canceling the make-up day requirement. Children have a right to learn. What about their rights? There is never enough time to be with children in the learning environment."

And Jazmin writes: "Ted, I hope our great leaders in Columbia know the difference between 2 or 3 days and 2 or 3 weeks. Your 'Consider This' posts should be on the Cartoon Channel."

Jazmin, that's just not nice… but I am glad that you shared your opinion. I encourage all of you to join the conversation at the Consider This section of

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