SCDOT begins debris cleanup on state roads

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - You have probably noticed downed trees and limbs along some state roads. Work to clear them is just now beginning, after the winter storm that came through a couple of weeks ago.

An engineer for the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) said we should see all the winter storm debris removed from our roadways within four to six weeks.

"We got everything from leaning trees, hanging limbs; of course we have debris on the side of the road as well," said Ray George with the SCDOT.

Ray George is the District Maintenance Engineer with SCDOT. George said SCDOT has hired contractors to help remove the fallen debris off our roadways that are still left over from the winter storm we had a couple of weeks ago.

"First thing we are trying to do is we are trying to speed up the process and get cleaned up a lot faster. And certainly they bring a lot more resources, a lot more specialized equipment to the table that we don't have," George said.

George said equipment like bucket trucks and other heavy debris removal equipment is being brought in by contractors. And while some of the state has heavy areas of fallen debris along I-95, George said our area was hit hardest on other roadways.

"We don't have much cleanup on the interstate; the majority of our cleanup is on our secondary roads, in six of our counties," George explained.

Right now, George said you won't see any cleanup crews working to clear fallen tree limbs on any of Florence's roadways, because assessment are still being done in the area to find out where to store the debris once it is collected.

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