Volunteers still search for answers, say arrests are not end of Heather Elvis case

TEAM COVERAGE: Arrests made in Heather Elvis case

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The disappearance of Heather Elvis has received national attention, with the community coming together to rally for the Elvis family.

Those close to the case say they feel like the community lost a child and will do anything to find Heather Elvis. They do not see the recent arrests as the end of the case, but the beginning of a new phase in the investigation.

"This community aches for their lost child and the Elvis family deserves closure," expressed Bradley Parker.

Parker grew up going to church with the Elvis family and has been at the forefront of the search efforts.

"Terry is full of life, active in the church, has a good spirit. Since this has happened, that is gone from his eyes. Its just empty darkness now," described Parker.

Her disappearance even weighs on strangers.

"I have love for the Elvis family. Even though I don't know them, when something like this happens you find a place in your heart for everybody," said Jennifer Garrett.

Garrett has never met the Elvis family but has spent numerous hours searching for their daughter. She falls asleep every night reading reports on her disappearance and checks every morning to see if there is an update in the case.

"I woke up this morning with my iPad on my chest and my phone ringing. It was a phone call saying there are police at the Moorers," she described.

A lot of social media attention has brought heat on the Moorer family. However, those close to the case understand they are innocent until proven guilty.

"I think there's a big sigh of relief from the community that these two people were brought in," said Parker, adding, "if this can shed some good light on them, and take them out of the equation than we can shift our focus back to finding Heather."

More than anything that is their main focus: to find Heather Elvis.

"We're just looking for anyone to say this is what we know, because even after the arrests, we are still looking for Heather," said Heather Johnson.

Johnson has helped organize a tip tent at the River City Cafe just down the road from where Heather's car was found abandoned in December.

"I've waited a long time to see the police here, the news here, and to hear someone was taken into custody," Garrett explained from the scene outside of the Moorer's home where police searched this morning.

Many following this case do not believe this is the end of the investigation.

"It's a beginning. We're here and we're going to move forward to bring closure," said Garrett.

Volunteers will be manning a tip tent at River City Cafe until Sunday night.

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