Conway anticipates three more weeks to clean up debris

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The city of Conway is in recovery mode when it comes to cleaning up from the storm debris from last week's winter weather which took down trees, limbs, and power to thousands of residents.

Many of the neighbors in Conway have already pushed their storm debris to the side of the road for city crews to pick up. It's expected to take three more weeks to complete the storm pick up process according to city leaders.

The trouble is the yard debris pick up in the city has been interrupted ever since the storm hit back on Wednesday. Extra equipment and man power has been assigned to take on this job of cleaning up. In the days following the storm, workers were first focused on getting tree limbs out of the roadways. Now they've been paying attention to the overall fallen debris collecting in people's yards.

Crews have been working six day schedules, and they'll be out again this coming Saturday to continue to clean up. Conway City Administrator Bill Graham, said after Saturday they'll assess what still needs to be picked up to see if the six day work schedules will remain.

Graham said there has been at least a few hundred tons which have already been collected, and at the end of this process he expects crews to have removed more than 1,000 tons of storm debris.

Most of the debris is being dropped off at the landfill or other area residents are choosing to use their storm debris for firewood.

Graham estimates 18,000 dollars is the total expense from fire, police and public utilities as a result from the ice storm. He also figures about 53,000 dollars is going to be used to cover debris removal and tipping fees at the landfill. The total price the city is expecting to pay according to Graham is a little more than 70,000 dollars when all is said and done.

Garbage and recycling schedules haven't been interrupted in the city of Conway.

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