Grand Strand gymnasts work toward Olympic dreams

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Winter sports aren't quite as popular along the Grand Strand as those in the summer games.

That makes sense, considering we do live near the coast. And while we may not have a ton of aspiring Winter Olympians, there are a lot of young athletes who look to the competitors in the summer games for inspiration, specifically the gymnasts who train at a local gym.

"I think the Olympians inspire most athletes everywhere to maybe someday reach that goal. I think they inspire me to like work harder in the gym just because they work so hard," says the owners of Terry and Don's Gymnastics.

And here is what a handful of gymnastic students had to say:

"Whenever I watch the Olympics, like the gymnastics ones, I just always like want to get back in the gym like really fast because it makes me feel bad."

"It kind of inspires you to want to work as hard as you can cause you know everyone started from the same spot."

Those athletes are on the beach team at Terry and Don's Gymnastics in Myrtle Beach. A lot of them have aspirations to get to the next level of competition; for many that means a college scholarship.

But for others, that means Olympic Gold.

"One day I hope to be an Olympian, but you just gotta work really hard and I think that nothing's impossible," the gymnast said.

Becoming an Olympic gymnast doesn't come easy; it's a full time job. Most train around 40 hours a week to get to the highest level of the sport, a chance to stand on an Olympic podium.

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