Student Spotlight shines on artistic Socastee High senior

HORRY COUNTY (WMBF) - Seventeen-year-old Jordan Hudson has talented hands and an eye for art. That's why she was chosen as this week's WMBF News 'Student Spotlight' winner.

Hudson has taken art all four years of her high school career and says she'll miss Mrs. French's art class the most after she graduates.

"Other than her very constructive criticism, probably the fact that she's become like a school mom," says Hudson, who realized her love for art back in elementary school but says she has learned a lot since then.

"Color and form and shape and design and balance and all of the other elements of design that we have to study," she says.

Those are all skills the senior plans to take with her to the University of South Carolina once she's accepted, where she plans to major in art. She's not sure what kind of a career she wants to have in the field, but right now she has a strong interest in costume design and theatre make-up.

"It started out one random night playing around with make-up, and I said 'I actually kind of look good making myself look like a dead person,' so I think I'll keep doing this," she jokes.

But Jordan recently got her chance to show off that side of art while working with a Myrtle Beach artist on a special photo shoot to bring about awareness to domestic violence.

"I really like that I could use my artwork to get a message across to other people," she says. "I think that's the most important thing to take your talents and use them for things that don't necessarily get light on them."

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